Sunday, Feb 19, 2017

It’s 50 degrees outside here in the Northeast, and we are expecting 60 degrees by the end of the week. So, Spring is here…right? Doesn’t that mean it’s time to prepare the home for sale, get the winter clutter out and get ready to watch the flowers bloom just in time for the 1st showing? Not so fast. Remember that April Fools storm 20+ years ago, and most recently the record winter weather we experienced into March? You just never know.

But, thankfully the weather doesn’t matter when it comes to listing and selling your home. What matters is buyer demand, which is tied to many factors including the economy, interest rates and home supply. Lucky for you, if you were thinking of selling this year, buyer demand is very high! We have a shortage of quality homes priced properly right now, which is causing buyers to search frantically for a home that meets their needs, in their budget, before rates go up again.

What should you do if you were thinking of selling in the “spring market”? Call a qualified, professional RE/MAX Spectrum REALTOR to talk about what your home value is worth today, and what the competition looks like for homes in your price point. Don’t be surprised when you learn that you might be the only home in your price point – because that is a perfect storm to get you top dollar for your home. A local professional can help you understand what your home is worth, and can also guide you through the process of listing, negotiating and closing on your property.

Don’t wait for April, when dozens of other competitive homes hit the market with yours, because that means the dozens of buyers looking now will have more choices, and your home may not be #1 on their list. Get ahead of the spring push.

Would you like a NO PRESSURE online assessment of your home’s value, without being hounded by anyone? Visit What’s My Home Worth? and fill out our easy online form. Within 24hrs you will have a price range and write-up sent to your inbox for review. No pressure, but compiled by a local REALTOR that knows the area.

Now, let’s get back to the dream of hitting the beach while the weather has us thinking happy thoughts.